Fugue (between the back of my mind & the tip of my tongue)

Fugue is an on-going multi-part project references the musical form ‘Fugue’ – in which multiple themes are introduced, inverted, and enunciated by several voices in turn. ‘Fugue’ is also a term used in Psychiatry to describe a period during which a person or community suffers inexplicable memory loss. My project investigates the contemporary condition of consciousness and identity – as the collective mind maneuvers, morphs, and forgets itself in our constantly shifting and unstable world.

The interface between our private and public lives is often located at the digital screen where we slip – virtually – in and out again. Bodies are shed for virtual echoes in repeating cycles. Authentic encounters are replaced by scripted performance and become increasingly isolated, superficial and hollow. Who performs? Who witnesses? What is lost when we lose the wisdom of the contingent body-mind? How does the music of the universe become the noise in the ‘airlock’?